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December 1st, 2013

Alexandra Kosteniuk Challenges you with a Super Fast Knight Challenge

Kosteniuk and the Knight ChallengeHello everybody! I was teaching my daughter how to train moving the chess knight across the board as fast as possible, and she asked me to show how to do it fast. I recorded a short video about how I can do it in about 3 seconds (with slow motion). If there is anybody out there who can do it faster, I’m glad to announce that Chess King has offered several prizes to anybody who can do it faster than me. So practice your knight’s moves and speed, and send me by email the result (video or link to video), and you may win a prize! Good luck! (Please “Like” my post and my video if you want me to make more chess videos!)

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Posted by Chess Queen™ Alexandra Kosteniuk
12th women’s world chess champion

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13 Responses to “Alexandra Kosteniuk Challenges you with a Super Fast Knight Challenge”

  1. anonymouse says:


  2. J L, Vienna says:

    :( been trying it for an hour. YOU ARE AMAZING ALEXANDRA

  3. Alexis Cochran, NZ says:

    First I thought it was camera trick then I checked slow motion and zoomed into clock. I thought you took 57 seconds then it hit me it’s a chess clock not stop watch so the clock goes backwards from one minute and stops at 57. JUST THREE SECONDS TAKEN. AMAZING TRULY. Double like for sure.

  4. Kasiya, Birmingham says:

    Oh boy, oh boy oh boy, you never fail to surprise me Chess Queen – that’s a world record I am sure.

  5. Holy Knights says:

    IPOSSSSIBLEEEEEEE – you are an android or what Ms Alexandra

  6. Samaira, Paris says:

    CRAZY – How did you do it? @HolyKnights don’t say Ms Kosteniuk, be decent enough to say GM Kosteniuk

  7. Chris, NY says:

    Has anyone ever done this before? THREE SECONDS!!!! You’re kidding. THREE SECONDS omigosh. I bow to you humbly Alexandra Kosteniuk :)

  8. Periandy Sitompul says:

    O M G…you are a perfect and beautiful master of the world

  9. Srinivasan, Chennai says:

    You can safely make that 2.55 seconds cause I think you lost 5 seconds taking your hand to press the clock at the start and finish. So, if someone else were timing you, sure you’d make 2.55 or maybe 2.45. Try it.

  10. Jossy says:

    Wow wow that was fast super like.

  11. Geoffrey, LA says:

    I can assure you no one will be able to do it on the planet!

  12. Maria Aver, Berlin says:

    Listen dear no one is going to beat your challenge. Please give something easier. We are a bunch of mortals out here. ;)

  13. hafiz says:

    it’s really amazing,