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March 30th, 2014

Alexandra Kosteniuk Recommends Chess Software to Improve at chess

Alexandra KosteniukHello everyone! Yes that’s me on the photo! It was taken when I was a kid (remember I started to play chess at 5 years old), and my dad had created a chess program (called “Alexandra”) so I could practice tactics and endgames. It was very rare at the time and it helped me progress a lot. Now there are lots of wonderful chess programs that can help you achieve your goals of becoming stronger at chess. You can see below the best programs by our Chess King Labs and by our partner Convekta, at the very best prices, in our DVD and download shop Make sure to use the coupon code 10dOFF to get $10 off any order >$50, and 5dOFF to get $5 off any order >$25. Download or view a partial price list here and see the most popular items below (Chess King and the items marked in yellow). I use both Chess King 4 Pro and Chess Assistant 14 Pro, as well as several other tactics trainers. Email me if questions. Or visit the shop directly for the biggest assortment and lots of extra discounted super combos.

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Alexandra Kosteniuk

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12th women’s world chess champion

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8 Responses to “Alexandra Kosteniuk Recommends Chess Software to Improve at chess”

  1. anony mouse says:

    Wow fantastic

  2. Suyash Sinha, New Delhi says:

    Actually I am using Chess King but not the pro version Chess Queen. But it has helped me a lot. I played two open tournaments since November in two cities in North India. I scored 3 points in November and in February tournament I scored 5 :) I would say thanks. But I am bit confused how to study chess openings.

  3. F.N. Los Angeles says:

    My twins 8 and 10 years use online training websites and the Alexandra teaches chess DVD! Will see which training software they can graduate to after a few weeks.

  4. Kasiya, Birmingham says:

    I have just enjoy chess. My husband is a tournament player. I really like the Alexandra Kosteniuk DVDs.

  5. Simeonis, Thessaloniki, Greece says:


  6. Nathan Lee, NJ says:

    Thanks for the discount coupons. I got some in your official newsletter as well. All the best to my favourite chess player.

  7. Sebastian Wolff, Washington says:

    I have been using Chess King for a while now and just introduced it to my kids. The leveling feature is really cool because the kids want to solve the tactics and move up to the next level. My main purpose of using Chess King is more for the fun leveling feature than the analysis capability as such. :) THANKS GM Kosteniuk.

  8. Simeonis, Thessaloniki, Greece says:

    I knew it, I knew it… you’ve been with Chess King since age 6. Ha. Alexandra Kosteniuk you are an inspiration and a joy to follow online.