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November 18th, 2013

Alexandra Kosteniuk Top Russian Woman and World Top 9

Following her European Team Championship success with the amazing score of 7.5/8 (tournament top performance of 2766!), Alexandra Kosteniuk gained over 16 ELO points to reach 2526 ELO, which makes her #9 woman in the world and top woman player in Russia. You can see live chess ratings for women on this site. That’s a little lower than her record of 2540 achieved in 2006, just before she became 2008 women’s world chess champion, but close to 90 ELO more than last year this time. In Rapid and Blitz Alexandra has 2588 and 2612 ELO, respectively.

See Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk’s rating progress over the last few years. Note that FIDE introduced official separate Rapid and Blitz ratings in 2011, which show that Alexandra has the best results in blitz, as you may have seen on her YouTube Channel

Chess Queen Kosteniuk becomes top Russian player

Here is the live rating for women as of today, right after the European Team Championship:

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12th women’s world chess champion

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12 Responses to “Alexandra Kosteniuk Top Russian Woman and World Top 9”


  2. alita says:

    Wow congrats Chess Queen awesome

  3. Chris nyc says:

    Congrats GM calls for a celebration YESSSSSSSSSSS

  4. anonymouse says:

    Wow truly fantastic congrats hugs kisses

  5. Aks, Chennai says:

    Congratulations Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk. It clearly shows that a huge amount of hard work has gone into this because even earning one point in these top-rated women is surely difficult. Congratulations. You have done an amazing improvement in your rating and I already see you inspired to go to top-3… my ambition for you for now :)

  6. J.L. Vienna says:

    :) NEAT

  7. Samaira, Paris says:

    FULL MARKS for this achievement. Go higher GM Kosteniuk.

  8. Terrence, NY says:

    Gosh that’s an amazing score indeed. 7.5 points – once a world champion, always a world champion. Chess Queen blessings, prayers and all the good wishes, go great. Hope to see you No. 1 actually. ACTUALLY.

  9. Sebastian Wolff, Washington says:

    GM Kosteniuk you never stop to amaze me. This is another incredible performance. I still feel that instead of being the vice-champion of Russia you were a trifle unlucky to miss the title by so close. But this performance of 7.5 is incredible. I wish you all the luck in the world.

  10. Srinivasan, Chennai says:

    Oh amazing. Congratulations. You picked up 16 points in that competition. I also see a win over muzychuk on website. you go great. Best wishes.

  11. Jan says:

    Alexandra, my sincere congratulations on working your way back into the Top Ten Female Chessplayers in the World. I know how hard you have worked with your coach to improve your theoretical knowledge of the game over the past few years and it must be extremely satisfying to you and your family to see all of that effort start to pay-off. It cannot be easy, balancing your family obligations with your career as a professional chessplayer as well as an ambassador for chess around the world. That is why I admire you so much! You deserve a big WELL DONE. I am cheering for you.

  12. Colin Hay says:

    Congratulations, it was a very good year for you! Wow. I always look forward to your updates and emails – they brighten my day! And a very Merry Christmas to you and your family and continued success in the new year