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September 8th, 2012

Chess Queen™ Alexandra Kosteniuk’s Twitter account @chessqueen reaches 200K Followers

Chess Queen™ Alexandra Kosteniuk reached 200K followers on TwitterToday my English Twitter account @chessqueen reached 200,000 followers! I’ve been tweeting for 3 years and two months now (see my 3rd birthday post) and been enjoying it very much, I have written more than 5,000 tweets. It’s the easiest way for fans to interact with me and to find out what I’m doing at any moment in time. I have my phone with me almost all the time (except when I’m playing in a chess tournament), and it’s easy and fun for me to send a quick tweet to let everybody know what I’m doing.

My next big milestone will be soon when I hope to hit a million views on my YouTube channel “ChessQueen”. I’m at 990,000 views right now.

My destiny is to share the love of chess in the world!

Below is my business card so you can see all my social links as well as my email.

Chess Queen™ Alexandra Kosteniuk

Posted by Chess Queen™ Alexandra Kosteniuk
12th Women’s World Chess Champion

This is how I became Women’s World Chess Champion in 2008 (90,000+ views)

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7 Responses to “Chess Queen™ Alexandra Kosteniuk’s Twitter account @chessqueen reaches 200K Followers”

  1. R7-Android Super 17 says:

    50% of the followers for the love of chess
    the other 50% for the sake of fashion and beauty.

  2. alexis cochran, nz says:

    chess queen is also the tweet queen

  3. Jason Bourne, Los Angeles says:

    you bring back memories of the amazing moment – not just twitter you are all – the chess queen the twitter queen the facebook queen and the youtube queen even instagram queen! i think you have a second world title due as well – best of luck dearest alexandra

  4. Ali, Dubai says:

    you are very nice congrats

  5. Sebastian Wolff, Washington says:

    wow congratulations!tweet away your chess tips and fan messages they light up the world!

  6. J.L. Vienna says:

    Three cheers for the chess queen and tweet queen

  7. KosteniukFAN says:

    way to go for the Chess Queen – you are the best – you are the wallpaper on my heart! wink!