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July 6th, 2013

Kosteniuk beats Edouard 2-0 in Geneva Chess Masters

Kosteniuk beats Romain Edouard 2-0 in GenevaThe first edition of the 8-player Geneva Chess Masters was incredibly strong, with top seeds Vladimir Kramnik (2784), Hikaru Nakamura (2775), Shakriyar Mamedyarov  (2761), E. Bacrot (2714),  J. Polgar (2696), R. Edouard (2666), Y. Pelletier (2578), and A. Kosteniuk (2489). The tournament was a great success, and provided very exciting matches, which saw the final win of Shakhryar Mamedyarov over Vladimir Kramnik, who himself eliminated Hikaru Nakamura. In the preliminaries, Alexandra Kosteniuk created a sensation when she beat 2-0 reigning French champion Romain Edouard rated  almost 200 points higher. You can find below the standings and a YouTube video, with comments by WGM Almira Skripchenko.

Here are the full standings:

Geneva Chess Open standings

Below you will find a short YouTube video. Before watching it, try to see the winning move that Alexandra played in the following position, with white to move. Can you see all the way to mate?

Kosteniuk beats Romain Edouard

Try to find the move Kosteniuk played to win the game vs. Edouard. When you're read, watch the YouTube video below:

Thanks for “liking” my YouTube video. Feel free to leave a comment to the video directly on the YouTube video page, as I will be giving a prize to someone who leave a comment, this month.

You can see many videos of the games on the organizer’s site.

A photo taken during the first game of the match:

Alexandra Kosteniuk beats Romain Edouard in Geneva

Chess Queen™ Alexandra Kosteniuk:

Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk

The second game of the match Kosteniuk – Edouard (Alexandra will also win this one):

Alexandra Kosteniuk beats Romain Edouard in Geneva

Alexandra gave an interview in French to Damir Levacic at the end of the event.

Alexandra Kosteniuk and Damir Levacic in Geneva

Here’s a photo of Alexandra in Geneva:

Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk in Geneva Switzerland

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16 Responses to “Kosteniuk beats Edouard 2-0 in Geneva Chess Masters”

  1. GK, Paris says:

    Congratulations that was well done. That’s 200 points above you!!!!!!!!

  2. Sebastian Wolff, Washington says:

    Good job Chess Queen. What’s that called: Epaulette or epaulet mate is, in its broadest definition, a checkmate where two parallel retreat squares for a checked king are occupied by his own pieces, preventing his escape.
    Best Wishes to my favourite grandmaster.

  3. Chris, NY says:

    Fantastic. By the way Chess Queen you got it right beauty n brains do go together – all the best.

  4. Amrit Puri, Knights Chess Club, New Delhi says:

    Thank you so much Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk with that very nice commentary by GM Skripchenko. We will use this video for the kids in our weekend chess class. Need I also not hesitate to add that you look fantastic as well as intelligent. Looking forward to your next tournament.

  5. Jesse, Madrid says:

    Well, well, well, that was some good show. Frankly speaking if there is one lady out there who can pull of a world championship title twice over then it’s got to be you.

  6. Maria Aver, Berlin says:

    By all standards that was a tough tournament and you did well to finish where you did Chess Queen. You really make so much effort to give good chess to your fans both during games and with your analysis. True chess lover and chess promoter you are Alexandra.

  7. S.N. Colombo says:

    Great – from your fan in Colombo

  8. Jason Bourne says:

    Chess Queen I love you in all your avatars and the best is when you become the Big Killer on the chessboard. Mwah.

  9. alberto says:

    nice move order of pieces right from the opening! very good example of how to play the Scandinavian. yet how in the world GM Edouard failed to see this classical mate?! it’s so exciting to see female GMs succeed this way, it just shows that chess is color race and sex blind; excellent material, please keep posting more videos and instructions. by the way, chess king program is great.

  10. Daniel Young says:

    When I grow up, I want to be just like you.

  11. Jeane, Paris says:

    That was very well played Chess Queen. I want to say something: You are so much accomplished like GM, world chess champion, mom, photographer, traveller, sports and peace promoter, writer, blogger, social media queen… and more and I don’t know which hat suits you the best. all avatars suit you and i can only say BEST of Luck and you are a delight for chess fans all over the world.

  12. Xavier says:

    22.Be4 and 23.Nc6 were o amooth and deadly, setting the table for the attack on h7. Congratulations, Chess Queen!

  13. Caroline Slingerland says:

    Very nice game and best wishes in other tournaments!

    A fan from the Netherlands

  14. Congratulations Alexandra-you are my hero!

  15. Alexandra, Brava,Brava, Brava ! Adrian