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October 12th, 2011

Kosteniuk visits the Swiss Museum of Games

Hi everybody!

I finally have posted the photos from my visit on September 2 to the Swiss Museum of Games in La Tour-de-Peilz, close to Vevey, Switzerland. In French it’s called “Le musée du jeu”. If you ever pass by the French part of Switzerland, I recommend you go and see the museum, which is in a great location close to the Lac Léman. You will be greeted by its Manager, Mr. Ulrich Schädler, who will show you the treasures (many of which related to chess, of course) it contains. See the official web site of the museum for exact address and hours of operation. Below you will see some photos from my visit. There are more photos in my Photo Album Page.

Below you can see me in front of the entrance of the castle which hosts the Swiss Museum of Games

The Museum often invites kids from neighboring schools and runs fun events

Absolutely unique pieces can be seen, such as this sewing machine combined with a chess set

And this beautiful carved chess set from Switzerland

Thanks to Mr. Ulrich Schädler for his hospitality!

And make sure to go and visit the Museum if you have a chance!


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6 Responses to “Kosteniuk visits the Swiss Museum of Games”

  1. Alexis Cochran, new Zealand says:

    You’ve just given me my next holiday idea my Chess Queen.

  2. Abed Hashim says:

    I hope it was a great vacation for you Chess Queen. Such a great thing to have a museum like this in Switzerland

  3. I must visit the museum. This is the first time I am hearing about it. Hope you had lots of fun. I am new to your blog. I cannot resist saying that you are very stylish Ms Chess Queen, pretty and intelligent to match. A very rare combination. My best wishes to you.

  4. Well this museum is something. I cannot believe a chess set and sewing machine.

  5. Шахи – це супер.Кожна людина яка себе поважає грає в шахи!

  6. Jan Newton says:

    Wow! I just saw you visited Stooping Wolf at the Swiss Museum of Games! That’s the name he selected for himself years ago when Georgia Albert and I (along with Don McLean) of Goddesschess first met Dr. Schaedler in Amsterdam in November 2001 when we attended a symposium of chess historians held at the Max Euwe Institute. He was one of the attendees and presented a paper. We all have “nicknames” from back then…

    Someday we hope to visit there.

    Ulrich continues to write academic articles of interest on ancient board games and has been a friend to Goddesschess over the years. Isn’t it a small world!

    Jan N.