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March 13th, 2013

Russia gets Bronze at the 2013 Astana World Team Chess Championships

Russian Chess Team in Astana 2013The 2013 Astana World Team Championships ended with the victory of the Ukrainian team with their top formation (Lahno, Ushenina, M. Muzychuk, Zhukova and Gaponenko), congratulations to a great team! The silver and bronze was taken by two teams that were not able to align their best formations, first China playing without Hou Yifan and Zhao Xue, and second Russia (Gunina, Kosteniuk, Pogonina, Galliamova, and Girya) playing without the Kosintseva sisters. My (Russian) team did well, with 4 players out of 5 receiving individual board medals (super performance by Olga Girya with 6.5/8 on the last board). I started on a roll with 4.5/5 and even though I lost the last 2 games, still ended up with a performance of 2502 and just about 1 Elo point gained. More info and photos about the event can be found below. I hope to comment one or more games soon for my YouTube channel. Read also the report on USA’s top chess blog

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The results of the event are as follows:

And the individual performances of the Russian team:

Photo of the Russian “Bronze” Chess Team
(Girls-players, from left to right: Pogonina, Galliamova, Kosteniuk, Gunina, Girya; Boys-coaches: Naer, Rublevsky, Riazantsev)

The second board medals went to Irina Krush (gold), Anna Ushenina (silver), and Alexandra Kosteniuk (bronze)

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My 2 new medals:

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9 Responses to “Russia gets Bronze at the 2013 Astana World Team Chess Championships”

  1. javier says:

    Congratualations again!,, Is the WWCH every four years?! :-)

  2. Chris, NY says:

    Good job girls. Love You.

  3. Alexis Cochran, NZ says:

    Congratulations to my favourite chess team!

  4. Jason Bourne says:

    Wow GM Kostetniuk do you know what it means that you lost two games yet won the Bronze medal? Do you know what that shows how bloody super your main performance was? I would say tad unlucky there if something spoiled your killer rhythm. You rock. Needless to say you are my favourite dangerous GM. Best wishes.

  5. amrit puri, knights chess club, new delhi says:

    Congratulations to Ukraine, China and Russia. Congratulations also to the Indian team that did very well. Thanks for the reports Chess Queen.

  6. KEMAL, ISTANBUL says:

    The heart of the matter is you won precious rating points. Just waiting to see you play in Turkey again. Loves and hugs to the world champion. BESTEST

  7. Toriki (Tahiti French Polynesia) says:

    Congratulations, and thank you for the report Chess Queen.
    ”Chess is cool”(Tm :-) thanks to you and your team & family.
    Iaorana e mauruuru

  8. Ajay Pal Thapa, Kathmandu says:

    Congratulations :) stay on course

  9. Ali, Dubai says:

    It was well played. Wishing you all the best for upcoming events and gold. GM Kosteniuk. Take care.