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July 23rd, 2010

Trivia: Guess what I did on 21st of July

Hi everybody!
I have a tough one for you. The first person to guess precisely what I did on July 21 will win a prize. I want someone to get this prize, so I will daily add hints and photos so you can get closer to the truth. Any answers can be entered in comments to this post, or on Twitter, or on Facebook. On the photo above I am in front of the building where the “activity” took place. You can ask hint questions in the comments and I will answer to help you get closer to the answer (without giving it all out at once). Good luck! See below for hint photo(s)

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  1. […] of me on TV, it was the TV game show I did the shooting for in Paris this summer (I also did a trivia competition about it). I just got the DVD of the show and have posted it on my second YouTube channel […]