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July 23rd, 2010

Trivia: Guess what I did on 21st of July

Hi everybody!
I have a tough one for you. The first person to guess precisely what I did on July 21 will win a prize. I want someone to get this prize, so I will daily add hints and photos so you can get closer to the truth. Any answers can be entered in comments to this post, or on Twitter, or on Facebook. On the photo above I am in front of the building where the “activity” took place. You can ask hint questions in the comments and I will answer to help you get closer to the answer (without giving it all out at once). Good luck! See below for hint photo(s)

Posted by Alexandra Kosteniuk
Women’s World Chess Champion

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67 Responses to “Trivia: Guess what I did on 21st of July”

  1. Andreylaur says:

    Visited a factory which builds chess sets. Weird guess, huh?

  2. chessqueen says:

    Hi Andreylaur!

    Good try with the big building behind me! But not right. Most chess set producing companies are in China or maybe India, not in France. Oh, did I say I was in France?

    Keep trying!
    Alexandra :-)

  3. Bob Clowar says:

    At the airport, near a hangar.

  4. Arif Attar says:

    You played a simul with factory workers?

  5. David says:

    Were you a guest visitor at the World School Championship in Turkey?

  6. chessqueen says:

    Good tries, indeed I was in that hangar, but it’s not a factory. And it’s not in Turkey. Keep trying!
    Alexandra :-)

  7. Youngbloed says:

    You visited the Tour de France ?

  8. Bob Clowar says:

    13th Wine Tournament in Naujac sur Mer, France.

  9. Alejandro says:

    A Shopping Center o a Mall, somewhere in France

  10. Did you fly with parachute???

  11. chessqueen says:

    Interesting the parachute guess, not correct but some light danger element was there ;-)
    Alexandra :-)

  12. chessqueen says:

    Yes in France, not a shopping mall.

  13. Ronald St. Pierre says:

    You went skateboarding.

  14. Luis H. says:

    A TV Set in La Plaine Saint-Denis, North Paris?

  15. chessqueen says:

    Luis H,
    Oh, now we are getting real close… One correct element! it’s not in La Plaine Saint-Denis, North Paris, though.

  16. Luis H. says:

    Well! We have some risky activity on a TV set! By the way, your T-shirt was bought in New Orleans, the car at the bottom seems to be a Hertz, and the red circle says: Proprieté privée. That means it was not in a public TV channel set. Maybe Canal Plus, Issy-les-Moulineaux?

  17. Alberto says:

    you flew on a jet fighter

  18. James Stoner says:

    Maybe indoor skydiving?

  19. Alberto says:

    Oh wait a minute, cant be anything flying inside a hangar unless was one of those vertical wind tunnels where u can fly.

  20. James Stoner says:

    Perhaps on a game show. Maybe Des chiffres et des lettres.

  21. chessqueen says:

    Very good thinking by Luis H.! But about 60 kilometers from Issy-les-Moulineaux.

    Great thinking also by James Stoner, but not “Des chiffres et des lettres”.

    You’re close, so close!

  22. James Stoner says:

    how about La Fureur, le retour?

  23. James Stoner says:

    looks like the Visual TV studio in Gennevilliers

  24. chessqueen says:

    James, you’re on the right track, but the correct location is about 50-60km from Paris.

    Good luck!

  25. James Stoner says:

    The city of Compiègne maybe?

  26. chessqueen says:

    In the other direction from Paris.
    But most important is not to know exactly where I was, but what did I do exactly in that location.

  27. monte says:

    chessercizes in a wind tunnel sounds about right. the building looks like it would hold a wind tunnel.

  28. James Stoner says:

    ok, so now I am thinking Chartres, filming a game show. Now I just have to figure out what game show. :)

  29. James Stoner says:

    Were you competing against other celebrities? Maybe celebrities from other nations. Perhaps you were representing Russia?

  30. Alexandra says:

    James is so close.
    Not Chartres though.

  31. Luis H. says:

    You were singing or dancing or both. (Maybe the Waka-Waka or the seven veils dance with Shakira. Nice pair, indeed!)

  32. Luis H. says:

    Something like a steeplechase? A jeopardy game?

  33. James Stoner says:

    I was looking on Google for some kind of french game show and I happened to come across a video of you on the Russian “Kto Umnee 5-klassnika” I do not speak russian but looks like you had fun.

  34. chessqueen says:

    Hi James,
    That was a few years back I participated in the show “Who is smarter than a 5th Grader”. This was for another show (oh, did I say I was on a show?). On what show? ;-)

  35. James Stoner says:

    Did the game show have more physical challenges or mental challenges?

  36. James Stoner says:

    How about “La Roue de la Fortune”

  37. Luis H. says:

    It’s a summer special or a current TV show?

  38. Luis H. says:

    James, if I’m not bad, La Roue de la Fortune is a TF1 show and is recorded at La Plaine Saint Denis.

  39. James Stoner says:

    Luis, I’m not sure.
    Maybe the city of Nemours?

  40. chessqueen says:

    To answer a question of James, there were 2 ambulances “just in case” outside the hangar. Luckily none were needed the day I was there :-)

  41. James Stoner says:

    Hmmm… Fear factor?

  42. Luis H. says:

    Walking on a tightrope? A trapeze artist? The bullet woman?

  43. James Stoner says:

    Did the show involve you doing dangerous stunts or handling dangerous animals?

  44. Alexandra says:

    I just posted a hint photo in the post above :-)

  45. James Stoner says:

    ok, so I was right about competing for Russia. :) Hmmmm…

  46. Alexandra says:

    Look at the background of the hint photo, it should help :-)

  47. James Stoner says:

    Looks like some sort of numbered stairs. That looks like a running or track suit of some kind. Maybe some kind of athletic competition. I don’t know anything about french TV (besides what I can find on google) I am stumped. maybe the next clue will help. :)

  48. Luis H. says:

    Interesting problem of perspective. The question is, is the floor behind your back, or under your feet? If the second, I think you must reach the top of a pyramid.

  49. James Stoner says:

    were you doing this show to help a charity?

  50. chessqueen says:

    OK I think I have to add some hints, preparing photos now, will add them to the post :-)

  51. monte says:

    you performed in a circus?

  52. Luis H. says:

    Parallel bars???

  53. Luis H. says:

    That’s a big place. I bet for Disneyland, Paris, even if it’s only 32 kmts far from the city.

  54. Luis H. says:

    A Disney Channel Show!

  55. James Stoner says:

    It looks like an obstacle course.

  56. James Stoner says:

    were you riding a mechanical bull?

  57. James Stoner says:

    Were you on the show “Zhestokiye Igry” (Wipeout)

  58. chessqueen says:

    Hi James,
    Excellent suggestion, but not that one, sorry!

  59. Luis H. says:

    Maybe the challenge was to flare up an olympic torch in a relay race, or making a human pyramid.

  60. Luis H. says:

    Bottom left: you’re outside the studio giving… press declarations? No. You’re giving instructions to your partners! They’re probably blind or lost inside.
    Center: You won! Congratulations.
    Top right: You’re eventually outside the ground? A labyrinth, perhaps?

  61. James Stoner says:

    I have searched google for clues to this but I can’t seem to find anything.

  62. David Mueller says:

    Wow. Representing Russia on a “Superstars” athletic competition, made for TV!

    Go girl! Show ‘em chess as sport.

  63. chessqueen says:

    You’re all almost there. Yes it’s a TV team competition. Yes, Russia won (in the episode I was in). Yes there were superstars participating.

  64. James Stoner says:

    Was the show called ‘Superteams’ or ‘Superstars’?

  65. chessqueen says:

    A pity nobody guessed, I’ll keep the prize for next trivia competition.

    So here’s the answer: I was taking part in the TV show “Intervilles” (International), the Russian name of the show is “Большие Гонки”. It’s a TV game show that started in 1962 (mostly in France), and quite well-known.

    The city in which the filming took place was La Ferté-Alais, see

    You can watch a couple videos of the TV show here:
    and here:
    As for the actual episode where I participated (and my team Russia won!!), it will come out sometime in the season 2010-2011, if I get a copy I will post it!

    Thanks to all for participating and best wishes!
    Alexandra :-)

  66. James Stoner says:

    I knew it had a bull in it, Oh well congratulations on the win. Looks like fun.

  67. [...] of me on TV, it was the TV game show I did the shooting for in Paris this summer (I also did a trivia competition about it). I just got the DVD of the show and have posted it on my second YouTube channel [...]